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Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-13T12:00:50+00:00
What tools do I need to fit the Rim Protector?2018-11-13T10:41:48+00:00

A sharp pair of scissors or a sharp hobby knife.

Can the product be fitted to rims with existing damage?2018-11-13T10:43:18+00:00

Yes, Rim Protectors can be fitted over minor existing damage and will hide the damage too. Make sure to clean any dirt out of existing scratches using the provided Cleaning Wipes prior to fitment.

Can new tyres be fitted with Rim Protectors already installed?2018-11-13T10:44:35+00:00

It is possible however we recommend replacing the Rim Protector when you change your tyres.

Will the Rim Protector affect the wheel balance?2018-11-13T10:45:34+00:00

No, as the weight of the Rim Protector is equally distributed around the circumference of the wheel.

How long does the product last?2018-11-13T10:47:05+00:00

With the correct fitment, Rim Protectors can last many years. We do recommend replacing them when you change tyres. The Rim Protector is designed to be a sacrificial product and may have to be replaced if damaged from hitting a kerb.

Will the product fit on all types of wheels?2018-11-13T10:48:28+00:00

Rim Protectors will fit most wheel designs with a flat edge around the perimeter of the rim. Rims with a sharp outer edge and wheel weights on the outside may not work.

How do I clean the Rim Protector?2018-11-13T11:57:49+00:00

Any wheel cleaner or car wash product can be used to keep your Rim Protectors looking like new.

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